Thursday, April 20, 2006

I found a box full of gadgets!

It was a Saturday and I was cleaning my dirty room. It was total chaos then I came into something I didn't expect. It was weird but then I have to check it out. It was a box, then I opened it. You won't believe what was inside.

Sparkling, shimmering and beeping sounds like of that R2D2 droid, I dragged it into the light and I saw gadgets. The box was full of gadgets. Then it came into my mind that I should be writing about these things. I should write about the latest gadgets and what it can do to help us humans. Wake up man! The robot technology has entered our time. Machines has been there to help mankind. Even the prehistoric man has used machines although it's not as small or hi-tech like what we use right now.

Today, I promise myself that I'd be writing about new stuffs and technology the world has to offer. I'd be writing about what it can do or will it be worth your money? So even before buying it, I'd just reach my hands inside the Box of Gadgets and try it and i'll tell you if it's worth it or not.